Are you thinking about becoming an Uber driver? Everyone is doing it, should you? Read on to see what I found out about the company and whether or not this is a good side hustle or not..

Do you want to make extra cash but don’t have enough upward mobility in your career? Finding a part-time side hustle can be profitable and smart. When you get Something to fill your weekend or evening hours; you can create extra income in your spare time and add to your bottom line.

Modern technology; fortunately has made it easier for individuals to find part-time jobs that fits in with their busy schedules.

Where our parents grew up waiting impatiently on sidewalks or hailing cabs, the present generation will grow up knowing they can catch a ride with just a few clicks on their smart phones. This awesome new system can be bad news for the local taxi industry, but it’s excellent news for both consumers and side hustlers.

That’s because Uber tends to be relatively cheaper than a normal taxi ride and also makes it easier for people to earn more money part-time by using their personal cars. Uber serves as a middleman between the consumer and driver.


While traditional jobs might limit peoples’ pay and hours substantially, working with Uber gives you tons of flexibility and you can make your own rules when it comes to how much you want to put in.

Below are some of the great benefits you will get if you ride-share:


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become an uber driver

If you have a clear driving record, a smartphone, and a decent car chances that you’ll get approved by Uber to drive is high. You must be at least 21 years of age, be able to pass a background check, and have a three years driving experience at least.

Requirements vary when it comes to your ride; depending on the aspect of Uber service you intend providing (Uber XL, UberX, UberBLACK, or UberSELECT). However with each, your vehicle must be at least 2001 model or  newer. In specific cities, such as New York; the model of your car must be 2011 or newer. Make sure to check for model requirements with Uber in the city and state that you are, and of course, no matter where you live, you must have up-to-date plates and tags, with no exceptions.

In case you don’t have a vehicle that will qualify or you simply require a new one; Uber can help.  Through relationships with Hertz, Enterprise, and Xchange Leasing, you can lease the vehicle you intend using for your Uber business. These leasing agreements come with low deposits terms.


The great part about working with Uber is the fact that you can absolutely make your own schedule. You never have to work certain hours or days as an Uber driver. All you have to do when you’re ready to work is turn on your smartphone app and wait to get a job. And when you need a break or you are done working, you turn off your app to let the organization know you’re not available. It’s as easy as that.  That’s Awesome, isn’t it?

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The flexibility this side hustle provides is its biggest advantage. Imagine being able to work any day or hour without even having to make up your mind ahead of time. Let’s say you’re very busy with your child’s birthday party activities  a particular week, but you have almost nothing the next week on the schedule. You could simply take one week off and thereafter, get your hours doubled the next week.

You also can turn on your app to work for a few hours and turn it off to pick your children up from school or eat dinner with your family. Uber in that respect really is the best part-time gig; on average, you can earn from $15 to $20 per hour and that’s pretty good money for sitting in your car. Are you Ready to learn more? Take a look here.


Another good thing about driving for Uber is that you really do not have a boss. You do,  however need to meet specific requirements in order to drive but after that you’re left alone.

The client you pick up is the only boss you would have to face, by providing stellar service and a nice ride, you can secure great reviews from your clients and stay in Uber’s good graces. Sounds easy right?


While Uber in most cases offers standard pricing to clients, high volume events bring about “surge pricing”. By picking up rides with surge pricing you can earn more every hour and fatten your wallet even more.

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Surge pricing is somewhat unpredictable, but it occurs mostly in areas around popular events; when an event ends or when individuals arrive. A giant concert for instant with about 50,000 individuals present cause surge pricing as hundreds of individuals comes out of the event and call for an Uber car. You can earn much more if you position yourself to pick up clients during and after these events.


As an Uber driver, you get to meet new individuals and see awesome landscapes daily. The first ride you have in the morning might just take you into a new neighborhood you are not familiar with, or introduce you to a place in your city you didn’t even know existed.  The fact that you’ll come in contact with several interesting people daily and will likely hear several stories as you drive these strangers to their destinations is a fun bonus!

If you’re ready to take a closer look and possible start working for Uber You can check them out through my link Here.

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