It’s soo hard to have a kid who seems out of control. I get it. My son screams a lot and has impulse control. He is struggling in school and I am just about to lose my sanity….but I love him so. We are struggling and I have been doing some research. I Don’t want to medicate him so I have been looking for home remedies that REALLY work, and you know what? I found some. I like to blog about what’s going on in my life so I want to share this with you. This is for all those mamas out there who have said no to medication and need a little help figuring out what to do next. You may have heard some of what I have to say before, but I bet there’s at least one thing on this list that will help that you haven’t heard so check it out…

I am going to go ahead and say the same ol thing everybody else does  first and get it out of the way. You NEED to cut out the sugar, the Gluten and dairy too if possible. We try to keep sugar to a minimum and he doesn’t consume too much dairy on his own but the gluten is real hard.  But this is the general consensus. So do your best Mamas.

Now let’s move on.


Cod live oil a really good supplement for anyone, especially children. But it’s wonderful for children with adhd. There are studies that have said that the Improvements are equal to a child taking Ritalin.

Except the oil doesn’t mask the symptoms, it helps treat them without the crazy side effects. The improvements after about 6 months on this supplement are astounding. Give it a try.


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B vitamins are also great for everyone and highly recommended. For children, they can provide energy and focus for the brain. They will also help improve your child’s mood and that’s important.



Magnesium is one of the best supplements you can take. Most Americans have some Magnesium Deficiency due to soil depletion.

Magnesium is good for anxiety, inflammation, regularity, Hyperactivity and so many other things as well. It promotes muscle health and relaxation and deep sleep. It can help your little ones relax and remain calm. It will help them sleep well and reduce the common Muscle cramps of youth. This is a must on your list. I highly recommend Nature’s Plus Animal Parade. They are the best for all kid’s chewables.


This essential oil has helped my son so much.. You have to try it. There are some great studies done on this oil treating this condition and the improvements are astounding. You can rub a couple drops on the child’s neck or yours for that matter. Or you can put it in an oil infuser and have them breath it in. It does work wonders.

It has a strong, earthy scent to it and for those who find it unappealing you can put it on the inner side of the knee and rub it in while they are wearing pants. They will get the benefits and there will be no smell. Check it out Here.


Food Coloring, Especially red has been shown to worsen this condition. It worsens it so much that in many European countries foods containing this crap has to have a warning label on it. It’s the law. Crazy right? So avoid it like the plague.

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Spending time outside can help anyone refocus. There’s a study done on Children with adhd that concludes 20 minutes a day outside can create huge improvements in their condition.

Not only do they need the exercise but this will help reset their brains as well so take those babes outside.


Everybody likes a little Chamomile tea, am I right? Well you can give some to your wee ones as well. You can sweeten it with Ste-via. It really does help.


I hope you found something new and helpful in this post. Especially if you’re that mom { OR DADO } who has tried everything and you are about to fall into a heap of tears. I have been that mom, so don’t feel bad { Virtual Hug }. Just try one thing at a time and Take a deep Breath and move forward.

If you have any New fresh ideas that have worked for you, Please leave a comment and let us all know.

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Talk soon…

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