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I bet you have heard of Ebates on TV or on the web, but didn’t pay much attention. Well you should look again! If you buy ANYTHING online and want to save money then Ebates can help you save tons. It’s a great way for you to earn some passive income and Pay for your holiday or anytime shopping. They give you$10 Free just for signing up as well. No strings attached.

Ebates is a totally free website that has been around since 1998 and they have a great reputation online. I have been a member for awhile now and I buy everything online. I have saved so much money so I thought I would tell you guys about it because seriously folks, You need an account.

People often think it’s just another gimmick but it’s not. Let me tell you how it works.

ebates reviewEbates Makes money through Affiliate marketing. They have affiliate accounts with thousands of online retailers. When you purchase something through them they make a small affiliate commission. They have created a system that gives a portion of the commission they earn back to you when you shop through their links, and that’s how you make money when shopping with Ebates. It’s a win win situation. They make money and you make money.

When it’s time to purchase something online you just go over to Ebates, Click through with their link and you will get 3% to %20 back on your purchase! It’s a great relationship.

They pay out quarterly and you can receive your payment after you have earn $5. You can get paid through PayPal which I prefer, or with a check or Amazon gift card. Super cool eh?

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There are several ways to increase your earnings.

Referral Program~

They have a crazy cool referral program where you will receive $5 per sign up. It can be friends or family, after all who doesn’t want to save money?? Or you can add your link to group boards on Social Media or just share it all over the place. You WILL get sign ups and make even more money.

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Install The Ebates Button on your browser~

You can now install a button on your browser that will show you every single Ebates offer online as you shop or search Google. Once you sign up the option to add this will automatically come up. Your Browser will look like this~

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Ebates reviewThis makes it super easy to never miss out on a deal.

Get The App.~

With the app you can get in~store coupons too and save even more.

Double Cash Back~

They even have days and opportunities  for you to earn even more money by giving you double the cash back they normally would. This really adds up to great savings.

Ebates Cash Back Visa~

You can also get a special Visa Card for your Ebates account that will give you 3% extra cash back. Sometimes more.

So as you can see Ebates is fantastic way to save money and everybody wants to save. You simply can’t go wrong. I could sing their praises all day. They are super awesome in helping our household keep to our budget and we really appreciate that. I know you will fall in love with Ebates too. You can Sign up Here.  Enjoy!


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