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College is So expensive. It will suck the life right out of your bank account and wallet.  Many gals I know end up staying in their room eating Ramon noodles and drinking sink water just to survive. It can get pretty ugly.

But there are plenty of ways to make some extra money online { and Off }, that won’t be a huge time suck. Because we all know you need that time to study right? Right!

In this post I will go over some great ways to make some cash so you can go out on Friday night! Woohooo!

PineCone Research For Young Adults

PineCone Research is a survey company and they have a division for Young Adults. You take surveys on your phone or laptop and they will pay you. They are a highly respected company that does market research. You will do a lot of smaller surveys at first, but once you show you’re committed they will give you higher paying surveys and it can really add up. See my post on Surveys here for more details on taking surveys for extra income. Become a member here. 

American Consumer Opinion 

This is another survey company but they are great so I had to add them too. If you sign up for both companies you’ll be earning extra money in no time. You can sign up here and they are both free to join by the way.

How to make money online while in college

Online Selling

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This is a great way to make extra money. You can sell on, Amazon and Bonanza to name a few. Or even Etsy if you’re a crafty lass. You can sell old clothing, electronics or whatever.


You can buy stuff thrift shopping for resale. Or you can make something to sell. I sell handmade molds out of Amazing Putty on both Ebay and Etsy and make a killing. They’re easy to make and people buy them like crazy.

You can come up with just about anything and there’s a lot of money to be made doing this. Some make careers out of it and do really well so give it a try if you haven’t already.


You knew I would add this right? Blogging is a cra cra good way to make money! And it’s absolutely perfect to start one in college and work on it from there. You can make money with a blog in many different ways and depending on how determined and ambitious you are you can make excellent money within a year. You can start off slow concentrating on school then slowly grow your audience.

 Here’s  a super easy tutorial with screen shots that let you set up a blog in about 15 minutes for 3 or 4 bucks a month. Just remember if you want to make money from your blog you need to buy your own domain { The tutorial shows you how }. Using a site like instead of is unprofessional and will get you nowhere fast.

Uber Driving

This is technically not done online but it’s ran through an app and it’s a GREAT  way to make money on your own terms in college. This is an excellent company to work for as well. You can work anytime you want and make up to $20-$40. Sounds amazing right?

Now that we went over a few ways to make some extra  income let’s talk about a few ways that can really help you save!

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I bet you have seen the Ebates commercial right? Well I gotta say that Ebates is Kick Ass! You can save a lot of money if you buy anything online. You just sign up and then you will get a discount at pretty much any store you have ever shopped at. Sometimes the discounts are pretty high! They will then send you a monthly check through paypal. If you buy stuff online you have to have an account! You can sign up here and they will automatically give you $10 right now. Sign up is free. I have a full review of Ebates right here if you want even more info.

Ibotta App

The Ibotta app is similar to The whole Ebates set up only it’s mainly for groceries. You just go to the app before you go in and pick the products you’re going to buy. Then you shop and scan your receipt afterwards. Then you get cash back every time! It’s a must have for the money savvy college student or for anyone else for that matter. I save tons with this app. I wrote a post on the app here. You can sign up right now and receive another $10 cash back automatically! Sign up for this program is also totally free.

So That’s it. College is a very exciting and difficult time and it certainly helps to have a little extra pocket change to throw around. You can do two or three things on the list above and as long as you’re consistent you’ll be earning in no time!

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Good luck and enjoy these special years! They go so fast and next thing you know you’ll have 3 kids and you won’t have time to breath.

Can you think of any other ways to earn or save? Let me know in the comments!

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