In Miley’s New Video you will find pigtails, Fields of Flowers and puppies..She looks a bit like the old Miley we all use to know.

While I am not a huge fan of her she has always been interesting to watch and follow. You know like a Train wreck you cannot look away from. I sort of enjoyed the drama she created around herself and clearly she did too, but it’s good to see the old Miley shining through a bit.

Watch her latest video below and take a look for yourself.

Is Miley Trying to clean up her image or is this just the calm before the Storm? Either way I will be watching with eyes wide open..

And Here’s a little bit on the Video in her own words…

And Lastly, Just for Fun here is a Video on the Evolution of MIley. WooHooo!

What do Ya’ll Think Of  Miley?! Let me Know in the comments..

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