For The Love Of Alexander Ludwig~ Beautiful Viking’s Star~

For The Love Of Alexander Ludwig~ Beautiful Viking’s Star~

If you Watch Vikings You Definitely Know who Alexander Ludwig is.

But In case you live under a rock, He’s Ragnar’s Most Prized Son, His Eldest by The insanely Beautiful Lagertha.

He’s played in many great movies and he’s been on the scene since about 2000.

Here’s a collection of drool worthy pics just for you because, Why Not?

alexander ludwig photos

Found On Pinterest

This pic is just wow. He may be the most Perfect Man alive.


Alexander Ludwig

Found On Twitter

The link above goes straight to his Twitter account. Go follow him to get personal insight into his daily life.

alexander ludwig

Found On Google

This may be my Favorite Pic of him. Because I love A Rugged Warrior just as much as the next girl.

alexander ludwig

Found On Pinterest

Looks like he is sitting around the campfire giving someone those eyes….

Now I will leave you with a few Gif that will invade your dreams….

Goodnight 😉



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