There are so many opportunities out there that other’s don’t consider. So many people just keep working a job they hate and never consider the alternatives. They assume things online are a scam and that the other ideas they have won’t work out, yada yada yada. They are never willing to take a chance on anything so they keep dreaming of financial freedom while they slave away at their miserable 9 to 5.  Poor Chaps,  What a waste.


But if you really want your life to change you are gonna have to take action and get out of your comfort zone a bit. There are PLENTY of ways to start a side business that will lead to complete freedom eventually. You just have to start DOING instead of dreaming.

Can you be bold enough to change your life and really do something that you can be proud of? Well I think you can and I will be your Cheerleader!

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Now Let’s go ahead and look at some great ways you could Start A Business that will lead to your financial freedom.


You new I would list this right? Right. This is my Number ONE way to create a profitable side hustle and quit your day job pretty quickly, usually within a year or so. Blogging is very fulfilling and you can make money writing about what you love through affiliate marketing, Sponsored Posts, Creating your own courses or Ebooks, Ads and so on. It’s really super cheap, just a couple dollars a month and BlueHost offers a free domain name with their service. It literally takes 15 minutes to set up and begin changing your life for the better. Here’s a link to a super easy tutorial with lots of screenshots. Here’s a link to our free blogging course too if you are interested in learning more..

Why don’t you check below to see if that Domain name is available right now just for fun? You can own your own business… Just take that first step..

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Selling online on a Popular Platformside hustle

This may be the easiest most obvious way to side hustle from Home. You know the platforms~Amazon, Ebay, and even Etsy. Ebay is certainly the easiest way to go. Amazon, eh, it can be difficult but it’s doable.

One way to make a BIG profit on Amazon is by Private labeling a product and selling it there. You can source products off Alibaba then have the manufacturer put your own label on it. This can be very lucrative but do your research first.

If you’re Crafty Etsy is a great place to sell. Just take great photos, start a blog to promote and join Etsy groups to help promote as well.

There’s also Bonanza as well but the traffic is not as high as the other three. They are becoming more popular though.

Become an Uber Driver 

This is becoming a very popular way to make side income. Uber is very respected company and you can get paid instantly up to five times a day. You can drive on your schedule whenever you like. You can use your car or they have rental options.

You can really earn a ton of money doing this. It’s for real. You can just do it on the weekend and make hundreds of dollars.

Some who live in bigger cities have even started doing this full time so that’s always a possibility as well if you’re into it. Sign up here to drive or  to ride. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s a more in depth post on Uber driving.

Take Online Surveys

I have made thousands of dollars online through surveys in the last couple years. It is possible. Most people think that online surveys are bogus but they are not. You simply need to use the right companies to earn. There are a select few that are really reputable so you need to use those.  Take a look at this post HERE and it will give you a list of the exact companies that really pay out.

Virtual assisting

Being a virtual assistant is a hell of a gig. If you have specific kinds of skills you can take on several clients and make full time money doing part time work. You can put an ad on hiring sites and Craig’s list or even in the paper. You can contact bloggers or corporations and businesses to see if they need help in this area.  Many people use assistants, there is just so much to do to maintain a blog or website.

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Write for HubPages

Hubpages is a website  that contains user generated content. You can write there and monetize your writing the same way you would a blog. You can use affiliate links and ads to create a side income. Plus you get to write about what you want and throw it out there to the world and that feels good.


Hello Free Money!! Ebates is a company that will give you cash back via check or through PayPal when you shop at the places you normally shop like Amazon and Walmart.

They have a list of all the places you normally shop at and you just click on the store you want to visit online. After you make a purchase, you earn a percentage of the sale! They literally give you cash back on every purchase you make.

If you’re new you get $10 cash back immediately. I earned $2000 big ones last year through Ebates.

Check out my review here.

Freelance Writing

There’s big business in Freelance writing. There are blogs, magazines and endless publications looking for quality writers to contribute. Just check on any that you are interested in and you should find some information online to apply.

Create online Products

You can write an Ebook or You could create an online course through Udemy or Teachable. These can be very profitable and you can create a course on anything you can imagine and charge $7 to $300. Click on the banner below to take a look at Udemy, it’s the best in my opinion.

You can write Ebooks and publish with Amazon Kindle Publishing or any other service.

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Create A Niche Website 

Many people create Niche Websites and make a killing. They are usually a member of the Amazon Associates program and they pick a very narrow niche of products. Then they create the website with the items listed for sale and they create content around their niche. Turning it into an Authority Website will push Google into bringing you traffic quickly. Many who do this set up many sites, some have as many as 30 and it’s very lucrative. It will take time but if you’re interested the financial possibilities are endless.

Do Fiverr Gigs

Have you taken a look at Fiverr? You can get all kinds of good stuff done there.  Any kind of Virtual assistant work you can think of is available there starting at $5. It’s a great place to side hustle too. Any skills you have you can sell there and make pretty good money, so have a look.

Final Word

So there you have it! These are just a FEW side hustles to get started with. There are so many more…. With these hustles you mainly will be using your computer but there are tons of other physical hustles like pet and house sitting, and other services you can offer locally.

You can make money on your own. Be creative and think outside the box and you will be able to quit that dreaded 9 to 5 in no time.

You have any great ideas for side hustles? Please let us know in the comments.

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Side Hustle Your Way To Extra Money

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