Sticky blogs are successful blogs. You know, the ones you visit and find it really hard to leave. You came to read one quick article, but you see another link that looks really interesting, then another. You are sucked down into their funnel and you end up God knows where. You just had ten minutes to browse, but now you have sat here for 30 and dinner is burning.

Well that happens to me all the time. That is the way you want your blog to be. You want it to be so interesting and seductive that your audience returns again and again. That will give you loyal followers and conversions over the long haul.

So how do you make your blog super sticky? Let’s go over some things you can do to really get your  peeps to stick around.

Front Page Opt~Ins

First and foremost, you want a big ol opt~in on your home page. It can be a pop up if you go that route or whatever, but before you think of anything else you want to find away to capture their email so you can remind them to come back often. This is the first step in creating a sticky blog. Making that permanent connection between you and your audience. For instance, check out our Welcome Page and you will see that the opt~in for our Free Course ” The Modern Blogger ” is the first line of business you see.

Internal Linking to your Content

Creating Internal Links is a great way to get people to stay longer. This gets me every time, I always end up reading several articles on any good blog because  they have links to other related content that I am interested in and they put that content up front and center.  In each and every post you should add little sections of related content to entice them to read more. You can add a section for related posts, Top posts, or whatever else you think will work. Don’t be afraid to use a little click bait, Just don’t be tacky. You don’t have to use the original title to the post,  just make sure it conveys the same message in some way. Using words like ” Ultimate” and  “Hacks ” in the title will help attract readers and make them think they cannot miss that content because it’s important. This will lead them through your blog and keep them here longer. Examples are below.

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Open Links in a new window

external-linksHaving Links open in a new window will ensure that your reader doesn’t wined up on another site clicking their internal links and going through their website. Your window stays open so they can get back to reading the good stuff.

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Blog Design 

Your blog design should be on point. Many beginning bloggers make the mistake of cluttering up their site with so much unnecessary junk. They also try to add pretty fonts and bright colors but your blog isn’t a fashion show. You want really good navigation, a prominent search bar and your theme should highlight your content. If someone comes to your blog and you have some crazy, hard to read font and everything is disorganized they are gonna leave, my friends. Especially if there’s no way to search your site. Make it easy and beautiful.

Watch that sidebar

Putting too many outbound links in your side bar gives your audience to many opportunities to be whisked away into internet land. They will have too many options and end up on another site all together. You want a couple important links but keep it simple and clean.

Add embedded Media

Everyone loves a good video tutorial. If you have some on YouTube plug it in over on your blog and show off your expertise. This is a definite way to keep your readers on your blog and reduce your bounce rate, and it’s fun too. It spices up your blog a bit.

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Post Often

The more you post, the more opportunities you have for your pages to be indexed in the search engines. That means your keywords get more exposure and you get more traffic from the web.  Posting 5 or 6 times a week for the first couple months is a good way to really get the ball rolling. After that a couple times a week at least.

Add Super great Photos 

Making your blog sticky

Everybody loves looking at great Photos. Make your Blog and posts gorgeous with well lit, Clear photos.

Photos also allow you the option of adding alt tags or keywords ( which you should always add by the way ) that help the search engines identity your photos. By connecting it to your content, you also help web searches find your content through the photos.

BookMarking Your Site

Bookmarking will allow you and your Readers to add your content all over the web. There are many great bookmarking sites Like Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and Delicious to name a few. Make sure you have a good social  plug~ in Like GET SOCIAL that will give you and your readers the options to share through these channels. Look at the edge of my blog over to the right. See the long bar with all the little icons? That has just about all the popular Social Media Sites including all the best Bookmarking sites included so that people can share away. This will send people to your site from all over the web.

Making your Blog ” Sticky ” is important if you want to keep your readers and gather email addresses. You don’t want a whole lot of people coming to your site, reading the first paragraph then hitting the back button. Or worse, they hit that button pretty much as soon as they get there. That sucks and it makes your bounce rate go up, which  tells Google that your site sucks too. Implementing the methods in this post will help your audience stay around to read the awesome content you worked so hard on and that’s a good thing!

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I hope this helps and if you have any thing you think I should add to this post that has worked for you I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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