Breast Feeding Mom’s Photo Rejected out of “Fairness”.. WTF!

Breast Feeding Mom’s Photo Rejected out of “Fairness”.. WTF!

So This Beautiful Mama had Professional Photos taken of her and her gorgeous babes Breastfeeding in a Forest. What a Beautiful way to celebrate Motherhood Right?

She Decided to Submit her photos in a contest hoping to win a Mall Gift Card but she was quickly rejected. She received a reply saying she was disqualified from the contest due to the nature of the photo. They added that while her photo was lovely and tasteful, they had received many others that were not so out of ” Fairness ” she was taken out of the Draw. What a load of Bull Shit!

I am a Breast-feeder myself, having 3 children and nursing them a full three years each so I have had my fair share of prejudice and that’s why I am sharing this story.

People need to educate theme selves about breastfeeding and stop being so uptight. There is nothing strange or taboo about nursing a child even into the toddler years. Only in America do we get such bizarre reactions to something so beautiful and natural.

She reached out to the Popular Face Book Page  Breastfeeding Mama Talk { Which I need To Join } To help spread the word of her unfair treatment.

Here’s What was said on FaceBook~

A breastfeeding mama tried to enter her beautiful breastfeeding photo taken by Iron Lace Photography in the Governor’s Square Mall’s Mother’s Day photo contest and her photo was denied due to the fact she is breastfeeding in it.

This is unacceptable. How can you run a Mother’s day contest and deny a photo of a mom doing one of the most motherly acts a mom could do? This is not acceptable and I really hope they do the right thing! The mom has reached out to me for help so let’s all ban together and let them know that breastfeeding mom’s are not gonna tolerate being shunned.

You can help by sharing this and leaving supportive comments. Let’s refrain from leaving any reviews at this time. I want to give them a chance to correct their wrong. I will be staying in touch with the mama and will update you all as needed. Thanks!

“I submitted this photo to my local malls annual Mother’s Day photo contest and this was the response I received. I feel so defeated. I have been fighting this fight for far too long. Encouragement is needed.”

(via Mommy Page)

What Do You Think of all This? Remember to share this post with other Breastfeeding Mamas and Spread the Word!

Update your look! Making A Few Small Changes to Make A Girl Feel Brand New!

Update your look! Making A Few Small Changes to Make A Girl Feel Brand New!

So You’re Feelin Kinda dull right? I know the feeling… It’s good to change things up once and awhile to give you that Confidence boost you need. There are a few simple things you can do to make yourself feel brand new again. Do a couple of these and you’ll be on top of the world!

You can start by upping your fitness like everyone else. This will help you get out of your slump and make you feel good. Take a look at these two posts to get you started with that~

The 5 Commandments of smart dieting

The 3 foods that are sabotaging your Weight Loss

Now let’s talk about how to make yourself feel all sparkly, shinny and new. There are some super simple ways to do this and you’re gonna love them.

Update Your Makeup

Eyeshadow 101

Updating your makeup will give your face a brighter look and make you appear more awake and alive. It will also boost your confidence.  As always, I will advise to never EVER put too much on. That will just make you look older. One of my fav ways to do this is wear a pretty bare face with a pop of lipstick and matching nails. This will pull you together really nicely. Or you could do a subtle neutral smoky eye like shown.

One of the best places to buy really high quality cosmetics that look Awesome is Julep. They have great cosmetics and you can buy all kinds of different subscriptions to the products you like. Check them out Here. You get a free gift for signing up too.

A New Pair of Glasses 

There’s nothing that can update your style better than a new pair of glasses. That is IF you wear glasses. If not a great pair of sunglasses will do the trick. They will have you looking forward to that spring sun. This is something I can’t wait to do this year. When you wear glasses on your face all the time they can be the ultimate accessory. You want a GOOD pair. The very best place to shop for Glasses and Sun Glasses is Warby Parker. They have the most unique beautiful frames I have ever seen hands down. They really pack a punch when it comes to style.

Buy Some Awesome New Clothes!

Oh come on, You know you wanna! But seriously this is a great time of year to invest in a few great pieces. There are some really awesome shops under the radar where you can get some amazing, well fitted pieces for a great price. One such place that I love is Lulus. They’re the absolute best for finding that one unique thing you are looking for.

See, What’d I tell Ya? If you like what you see, you will love Lulus. Gawd, I can’t get enough of them. Click below and give them a look.

The next Awesome shop online is Ily Couture. They have cute, cozy things for mamas and their little ones too. They are perfect for looking good while staying comfy.

See what I mean? Pure Comfortable Bliss. They also have lot’s of unique sweatshirts with different fun quotes so even while you’re chillin you will look cute as hell. You can check them out Here. 

New Nickers 

Buying new, fancy undies will make you feel like a princess. Wrap your gifts well and You will feel confident and beautiful. I like to shop on Etsy for Amazing Bras and Nickers that you can’t find in crappy department stores. You won’t be disappointed in what you find there.



Give Some Love to those Locks

Getting a haircut or Highlights make me feel brand new. I love that feeling. The beginning of the year is the  perfect time to change up your hair and give it some TLC. This might be the easiest way to totally make over your look, So get to the salon.

Can’t afford a trip or not looking to make huge changes? Well then why not straighten it or bring out the big curling iron and try some large loose curls. There’s a lot to work with when it comes to hair, and practice makes perfect so get in there and play.

Buy 2 great accessories

This is  also a great way to spice things up and give yourself an update. You can get a piece of jewelry like a ring that pops or a great necklace, but I am partial to a really great hat. A Hat can really pull you together, especially with a good lipstick and well fitting clothes. The best place of all time to find jewelry and hats too is Etsy like I mentioned before.

Shop Warby Parker Online


Final Wordupdate your look for 2017

Working on a little self improvement can make you feel happy and ready for anything.  I challenge you to do all of these things and see if that doesn’t whisk away those Blues. Until then, stay cool….





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So you want to Start A Blog? 10 Minute Blog set up Tutorial, The short Version

So you want to Start A Blog? 10 Minute Blog set up Tutorial, The short Version

So you have finally decided to take the Plunge and set up your Blog? Great! Well it is so much easier then you think. It will take you about 15 minutes and You will be up and running. Just relax, Grab a Tea or coffee and start here..

There are four steps to take:

  1. Find your hosting
  2. Pick your domain name
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Make it Pretty

For Hosting there is only one really good choice and that is BlueHost. It’s what I use and millions of users agree that It is the Very Best.

First let’s take a look at BlueHost and why I chose them:

  • Their service, reliability and usability.
  • Bluehost has worked hard to make their Control Panel easier to use.
  • Bluehost has partnered with MOJO Marketplace to make installing WordPress a breeze.
  • They also offer courteous and professional 24 hour in-house technical support for your hosting account 7 days of the week all year long. That means when you call in at 1 in the morning on a Thursday, you are calling to the same place that your hosting account is at and some one there will be able to help you.
  • For $5.45 a month you can host unlimited websites, email accounts and domains; all on one account.
  • Bluehost uses custom built servers, this provides the most stable and reliable hosting environment.


Also, to help make sure that there is little to no risk for you, Bluehost has a 30 day money back guarantee. So, if their hosting is not what you need or want, you can cancel at anytime.

Note: Sign up now through this tutorial to receive 36 months of hosting for $5.45 as well as a free domain name for a year! Awesome right?!

Now you need to pick your domain name. You can check availability and proceed below:


Once you have completed registration for BlueHost you can Install WordPress. This is what you will see:

how to install wordpress blog with bluehost

Click on Install WordPress.

how to install wordpress blog

From there it will ask what domain you want to install it on. Click your domain or choose to set things up on a temporary domain.

how to install wordpress blog

Then you will come to another page. Leave the default options and click complete.

You will then receive an installation complete page and the login url for your site as well as as a password. Take note of this as it will be the domain you will go to log-in. It is and it will take you to a screen like this where you can enter your username / password.

how to set up a wordpress blog

That’s it! Now you get to do the really important stuff. You get to pick your Theme and Plugins and make the site feel like Home. You can pick a free theme but you need to know you get what you pay for. Free themes are very generic and you cannot work with them very easily to accomplish much. Paid themes are well worth the money and it’s a one time investment. You can be so much more creative and do so much more with them. Go over to our Themes pageand look at our Gallery. You can click on any theme to view more information. You can also check out Creative Market Here. They also have Plugins, Stock photography, Premade Logos and so much more! Everything you need is there.

Once you purchase a theme, here’s how easy it is to install.

That’s it. Follow these steps and you will be up and running in no time.


More Theme Resources:

Creative Market

Envanto Market


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