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Breast Feeding Mom’s Photo Rejected out of “Fairness”.. WTF!

So This Beautiful Mama had Professional Photos taken of her and her gorgeous babes Breastfeeding in a Forest. What a Beautiful way to celebrate Motherhood Right? She Decided to Submit her photos in a contest hoping to win a Mall Gift Card but she was quickly rejected. She received a reply saying she was disqualified from the contest due to the nature of the photo. They added that while her photo was lovely and tasteful, they had received many others that were not so out of ” Fairness ” she was taken out of the Draw. What a load...

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Update your look! Making A Few Small Changes to Make A Girl Feel Brand New!

So You’re Feelin Kinda dull right? I know the feeling… It’s good to change things up once and awhile to give you that Confidence boost you need. There are a few simple things you can do to make yourself feel brand new again. Do a couple of these and you’ll be on top of the world! You can start by upping your fitness like everyone else. This will help you get out of your slump and make you feel good. Take a look at these two posts to get you started with that~ The 5 Commandments of smart dieting...

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So you want to Start A Blog? 10 Minute Blog set up Tutorial, The short Version

So you have finally decided to take the Plunge and set up your Blog? Great! Well it is so much easier then you think. It will take you about 15 minutes and You will be up and running. Just relax, Grab a Tea or coffee and start here.. There are four steps to take: Find your hosting Pick your domain name Install WordPress Make it Pretty For Hosting there is only one really good choice and that is BlueHost. It’s what I use and millions of users agree that It is the Very Best. First let’s take a look...

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