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11 Easy Home Hacks That Will Make Your Home Look Amazing! Part 1 of 3 Series

Everyone wants to live in a Beautiful, healthy and Well Organized home. But in reality, Life is out of control busy, and taking care of your home can fall to the sidelines. It can be really hard working, cooking, exercising , taking care of kids AND on top of all that keeping your home looking bright, shiny and new..believe me I know. I’m a mother of 3 and I really don’t even have time to take a deep breath. So Recently in the pursuit of cleanliness and organization I took to the web and checked all of my Favorite...

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5 20 Minutes Meals That Will Make Your Family Sing

Say goodbye to frozen foods and processed dinners and welcome good health and happy taste buds with these healthy homemade dishes. You can cook them in just 20 minutes and I bet your whole family will  love them. These dishes can be a main course  or a quick side dish. Here are 5 excellent dishes that you should try this week! Cauliflower Fried Rice Found On: iowagirleats Surprise! This is a no rice dish. You will be using grated cauliflower and  it will be stir fried with mixed vegetables, garlic, green onion and sesame oil-laced eggs with a dash...

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7 Lactation Recipes For The Breastfeeding Mum, Increase Your Milk Supply

We all want our babies to be as healthy as possible and Breast Milk is like liquid gold. We want our milk to be full of nutrients that will deeply nourish our children so they can grow well and get everything they need from us. Adding lactation recipes to an already healthy diet is a great way to boost milk production and keep you from becoming depleted as well. Here are 7 recipes with ingredients that will help breastfeeding mums  produce more milk. They’re  fun to make and very nutritious yet they taste like a special treat so you’ll...

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Breast Feeding Mom’s Photo Rejected out of “Fairness”.. WTF!

So This Beautiful Mama had Professional Photos taken of her and her gorgeous babes Breastfeeding in a Forest. What a Beautiful way to celebrate Motherhood Right? She Decided to Submit her photos in a contest hoping to win a Mall Gift Card but she was quickly rejected. She received a reply saying she was disqualified from the contest due to the nature of the photo. They added that while her photo was lovely and tasteful, they had received many others that were not so out of ” Fairness ” she was taken out of the Draw. What a load...

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Treating ADHD in Children Naturally

It’s soo hard to have a kid who seems out of control. I get it. My son screams a lot and has impulse control. He is struggling in school and I am just about to lose my sanity….but I love him so. We are struggling and I have been doing some research. I Don’t want to medicate him so I have been looking for home remedies that REALLY work, and you know what? I found some. I like to blog about what’s going on in my life so I want to share this with you. This is for all...

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