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Amazing and Easy Hair For Work That will Make You Look Like A Goddess.

We all wake up late sometimes and have to be at work like 5 minutes ago. It happens. We are only human. On those days you need to pull yourself together fast as hell and get out the door. Here are some super Cute and really simple ways to make your hair work ready and fabulous. They will also make you look like a Goddess, so Check um out.. The Inverted Chignon  Found From Kouture Kiss Who Doesn’t love an easy Chignon? I know I do. They look great for any occasion but especially for work. 2. Twisted Side Braid...

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How to Look Beautiful Without MAKEUP! Get Perfect Glowy Skin

Here’s an amazing video on how to look beautiful without a whole bunch of make up. I love this video, it’s awesome! Enjoy! Video By RoseBud. 5 20 Minutes Meals That Will Make Your Family Sing Say goodbye to frozen foods and processed dinners and welcome good health and happy taste buds with these healthy homemade dishes. You can cook them in just 20 minutes and I bet your whole family will  love them. These dishes can be a main course  or a quick side... read more 7 Lactation Recipes For The Breastfeeding Mum, Increase Your Milk Supply We...

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Update your look! Making A Few Small Changes to Make A Girl Feel Brand New!

So You’re Feelin Kinda dull right? I know the feeling… It’s good to change things up once and awhile to give you that Confidence boost you need. There are a few simple things you can do to make yourself feel brand new again. Do a couple of these and you’ll be on top of the world! You can start by upping your fitness like everyone else. This will help you get out of your slump and make you feel good. Take a look at these two posts to get you started with that~ The 5 Commandments of smart dieting...

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