We all wake up late sometimes and have to be at work like 5 minutes ago. It happens. We are only human. On those days you need to pull yourself together fast as hell and get out the door. Here are some super Cute and really simple ways to make your hair work ready and fabulous.

They will also make you look like a Goddess, so Check um out..

  1. The Inverted Chignon 

pretty hairstyles for summer

Found From Kouture Kiss

Who Doesn’t love an easy Chignon? I know I do. They look great for any occasion but especially for work.

2. Twisted Side Braid

work hair tutorials

Found on Fashion Ambitions

This is the cutest braid and it can be worn at work, or on the weekends and you’ll look great either way!

3. The Half Up Look with a Twist of sophistication

work hair

work hair

Found On Marie Claire 

This is So Beautiful and it literally takes three minutes. You’re Welcome.

4. A Cute and Easy Pony Tail

work hair

Found on Twist Me Pretty 

This is a cute a sophisticated style. Here’s a Video Tutorial to show you just how to get it done.

Again the Video Credit goes to Twist Me Pretty.

4. Celtic Knot

work hair

Found On Fashion Ambitions 

This is my absolute Fav out of all Five. It’s is simply perfect.

So there you have it, 5 Amazing and easy hairstyles for work that will make you look professional, Beautiful and a little bit like a Greek goddess as well… Enjoy!

Let me know how you liked the styles in the comments.

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Easy Work Hairstyles

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