about me daily thrive Toni GlaspyHey There! I’m Toni and I Created The Daily Thrive to help myself and others live our Fullest, happiest life possible. I have a serious passion for Life, health, writing and entrepreneurship.

I am a mother of 3 little ones, and I’m a Self professed Computer Nerd. I can build a killer website in a day and I’v got some serious skills 😉

If you are interested in living a well rounded, intentional life then The Daily Thrive is for you! and I’m glad you came..

I also have tons of posts on how to start a blog to help you find your own path to freedom.

So a little bit about me… I love reading, nature, Writing, Cake, Big vacations and horror movies.  That’s a Fun list Right?!

I hope you enjoy The Daily Thrive! and thanks for being here!

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