Getting traffic to your blog is hands-down your biggest challenge. You can do everything right and still get only a tiny stream of visitors to your site. It’s always a big mystery, at least in the beginning. But it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of different methods to get people over to your blog and Today we will go over 9 Strategies to Double your Blog Traffic.  Let’s start with the most obvious ways first and go from there.


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Being Social

Being Social is a no Brainer. It’s the number one way to get Blog Traffic besides Google.  For Blogging, I personally Believe that you should Have a FaceBook Page, Pinterest OF COURSE, and a Twitter account, but that is just my preference. Everyone will meet their own needs in their own way. Once You really get moving with your content and you start to get really busy,  you will want to automate this process for sure. It becomes really tedious, especially when you have so much more to do. Since Pinterest will be a major traffic source when it comes to social media, I suggest you start there.  You can use Tailwind and BoardBooster to help Pin for you 24 hours a day.

A little Website Called Fiverr

Fiverr is a great little site for so many reasons. I just love it and I bet you will too. They sell what’s called GIGS. The gigs you will be interested in are ones that help with your site, virtual assistants, SEO and GIGS that help with your social media marketing. They can do ALL of those little tasks you just don’t have time for and they do it for a measly $5!! There is no better deal online for this kinda thing and I use them every single week for everything I listed above. They are life savers.

They can help drive traffic to your blog through Social Promotion, Through SEO optimization and just about any other way you can think of as well.

When you’re ready to launch your first brilliant ebook they can help you format that too and create a cover, so check them out.

Content Syndication 

You should definitely be sharing your content on Websites like Medium and Flip-board. This will give you so much more exposure and help drive traffic back to your blog.. This will also help you create really good quality back-links from large sites that the Google Machine loves. A few other places you can do this is Hubpages and E-Zine Articles.

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drive massive traffic to your

Take advantage of Viral News 

This may be something you have never thought of and I am here to tell you that it’s a fantastic way to get traffic. You can take advantage of many different news headlines depending on your niche. You just rewrite the big news in your own words, and don’t worry this is not copying. This is what all big news sites do. For example, if you have a parenting blog and a new, big study comes out, You can take advantage of the moment by posting on the topic to get people over to your site. If you make your blog sticky they will browse around and you may very well find yourself a new fan. Pretty cool eh?

Question Websites 

Question sites are an excellent source of traffic. Just go on over and answer a few questions and then leave your link. But make sure you’re being helpful and not spammy.

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I know you have heard this one before but It is still one of the number one ways to get your blog seen by people who love to read Blogs! You can go to very high authority sites and read their rich, educational content. You will learn something fantastic and then you can leave a helpful, genuine comment that others will read.


This is similar to the last one but it needs to be said. Reddit is a great community to submit your links and leave comments. But make sure you actually participate and contribute in a helpful way because if you don’t they will boot your ass. They can be strict and sometimes they are suspicious of everyone. Still, they have tons of great info and if you are interested in being a real member of their community, you shouldn’t have any problems. Getting The extra Blog traffic from them is just a great added bonus.

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The Oldies but Goodies

Every post about Blog traffic has to include the obvious techniques like SEO, Keyword Research, And creating long Epic posts. In fact, these should be the foundation of every post. You should always create posts that are 1000 words or longer at the very least and make sure on page SEO is very good. You can use a good Plug~in like Yoast to help with this. I never hit publish until Yoast gives me that little green check-mark.

Paid Traffic

Many people just blow this idea off but you shouldn’t. All those million dollar sites pay tons of money for traffic and it is an investment well spent. It’s not a sell out at all. Paying for Blog traffic will send you very highly targeted traffic that will help maximize your conversions. Once you know what you’re doing this method will be highly profitable. If you decide to use BlueHost for your Hosting, You will get $100 free Ads with Google and $50 for Yahoo. That is an excellent way to get some experience with this type of traffic generation.


There’s one other way to drive traffic that I want to discuss. That method is a Blogging tribe. A internet tribe is a group of people with similar interests that help support each other. You can find really great Blogging tribe groups on Facebook. They can help you get views, comments, likes and social media shares. I have found these groups to be so beneficial and I think you will too. This system of promotion will also help you make tons of quality back links so join one today!

There are SO many ways to generate traffic to your website. It seems really overwhelming at first, believe me I know, but once you try these methods and others you learn you will begin to see the fruits of your efforts and it’s very gratifying.

What are some of the ways drive traffic to your blog? Please share in the comments!

Products Every Blogger Needs

Hosting: BlueHost  – It’s The Best. We love and highly recommend BlueHost for hosting. BlueHost is affordable and has outstanding 24/7 customer service. They also provide automated backups of your files and databases. They make installing WordPress a snap with their one-click installation process. For step-by-step instructions on setting up a hosting account and installing self-hosted WordPress, follow this tutorial.

Tailwind ~Tailwind is A Pinterest pin scheduler. This is valuable because you will need to pin regularly and often. But pinning say, 30 pins at once can cause  you to lose followers. No body wants to see just your pins. You need to be strategic about the best time to pin as well and they calculate this based on your account. Your need to be Seriously On top of your Pinterest account, they will send you Tons of Blog Traffic so these type of tools are invaluable. You can also schedule with Instagram now too! BoardBooster is another great tool for this as well that you can use in combination with Tailwind.

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ConvertKit~This is by far THE BEST Email Marketing Platform available for Bloggers Today. Their system was specifically created for bloggers by bloggers and it has everything you need to capture emails easily and keep your list engaged. You will Love ConvertKit.

Courses~I have taken a lot of courses and they have all been great. The two I recommend the most are~ Making sense of Affiliate Marketing and ConvertKit Essentials.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing will help you learn everything you need to know about the top way to make money on your blog. If you’re  a blogger you NEED this course.

ConvertKit Essentials is for those who have an account with them and want to understand the platform more so that they can succeed. If you are a blogger, ConvertKit is an email system specifically for blogging and you really won’t find anything else that will meet your needs the way they will. You can try other services but I promise if you blog for very long, you will make your way over to them.

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 drive massive traffic to your blog
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