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So you are ready to try some affiliate marketing ?

Well It’s a great way to make money online, There’s no doubt.

You will find Affiliate links all over the web and social media. Many people make a living through affiliate marketing and do extremely well. There are bloggers who make $10,000 a month  and sometimes much more!

In this post I will go over some great affiliate marketing opportunities that you have likely heard of and some that will be new to you. They’res Some good stuff here so be sure to sign up! I am including a lot of  accounts I’ve used and love and help make  me money. They’ve  brought in passive income with very little effort so they are worth your time to take a look. I hope you find success!


Ebates is a GREAT program to join. Seriously! You earn $5.00 every time someone signs up for a free account. They also receive $10 so you can’t go wrong. Everyone wants free money and to save money. This is a really easy way to make affiliate sales and the more they spend through their links the more you make. Sign up Here and you will get $10 then go to the refer a friend page for your affiliate information.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Warby Parker~

I LOVE Warby Parker and so does everyone else apparently. They’re a company that sells eye glasses. They have the cutest frames I have ever seen. In fact I just bought a pair and their prices are great. There affiliate program is awesome and I have been getting sells left and right. I put up a banner or two and have gotten tons of clicks. The company is great to work with and there’s good income potential. I highly suggest you sign up and put up some banners. You will definitely get sales. People just love them! Sign up below and reep the rewards.
Join the Warby Parker affiliate program

Update~ I wanted to add a couple more awesome programs to this list that I seriously think you’ll love!

BrandCycle~ This company has stores like Macy’s, American Eagle, The Children’s Place, Etsy and so much more. They’re so much better than Amazon and they have better quality products! You have to join! Get in on it here.

Blurb~ I love Blurb!!!! This is a platform where you can create your own books for print or eBooks as well. You can create children’s books, Cook Books, Coloring books, novels, you name it. They have a beautiful platform and an awesome affiliate program. You can put all kinds of unique books on your site or open up your own book store powered by them. They Rock and they are my current Favorite! Definitely sign up here to reap the awesome rewards of this unique  company.

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OK so you may have heard of Share~A~Sale but I still wanted to mention them and sing their praises. I make more money with this Affiliate Network than any other. Their programs are great, they are easy to advertise and the money is pretty easy and it doesn’t take too much effort. If you are ready to sign up with a network then I encourage you to go over and do it now. You will be glad you did.

Studio Press

If you have a blog on WordPress then you may have heard of Studio Press. HELLO! They only make the best themes for WordPress that money can buy. They also have an amazing affiliate program. You have to join. All the cool kids are doing it.. No but seriously, all great bloggers are with this program and the themes sell themselves so it’s really good passive income. Sign up below.
Become a StudioPress Affiliate and Make Money!

Theme Forest 

Theme Forest is another great Place to find themes and plug ins for your WordPress site. They have a great affiliate program and the themes and products are really good quality and well built. If you want to join just go to the site HERE and there is an affiliate sign up option on their top menu bar.


Amazon Associate’s Program is the  most obvious affiliate program to join. Everyone has heard of it and everyone joins. I am honestly not a huge fan because of my niche  and the small commission and short cookie,  but it works really well for a lot of people. If you would like to join you can go to amazon and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a ‘make money with us’ link and that’s where you can put in your application.

Rakuten Link Share

Rakuten is a great network to join. Rakuten is one of the oldest Affiliate networks online. They have a small selection of about 1000 advertisers but they are popular ones. They have advertisers like Udemy { The course network }, Sam’s Club, The Honest Company and much more.
Come Join the #1 Affiliate Network!

Ultimate Bundles

I LOVE This company! If you are a blogger or you follow any bloggers you have probably heard of them. They are the ones that sell The Blogger’s Tool Kit, Conquer your Clutter and so much more. They know what their doing and most popular bloggers are affiliates with them. They have great products and they know how to help you sell them. They are a must! You can join Here right now. I highly recommend them!

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affiliate marketing

Center Point Media

I love Center Point Media. They always have some crazy deal for your buyers going, often free stuff to entice them into sells. They give out free magazine subscriptions and stuff like that. Not too Shabby. They also have really good banners and if you want to earn affiliate income from at home surveys then this is the company you need to join. They have all the main survey panels and that’s easy affiliate money! They are very attentive to their affiliates too. More so then any company I have joined. It’s really good. You can join here if your interested. 

Elegant Themes

I am also a huge fan of this company. They sell themes and plug ins. You get 50%  of all sells and they are a really great, ethical company to sell for. Check them out Here. The theme I am currently using is from them. It’s called the Divi theme and I will never switch. All real Professional bloggers and businesses use this them.

Creative Market

Creative Market is awesome. They have amazing themes, fonts and digital graphics of all kinds. If you do business online you probably have heard of them. They give their affiliates a 365 day cookie for potential buyers and because of this some of their affiliates make thousands of dollars from them alone monthly. They have great support too. You just need to sign up for an account and then apply to be an affiliate. You can sign up here.

Your Host

Most hosting services have a pretty good affiliate Program.  I use Blue Host and I really think they are the best. I know SiteGround also has a big following and a great program as well.

There are many different companies you can work with as an affiliate and these are just a few really good ones you could start off with.

Now I wanted to go over a couple that aren’t that great and {in my humble opinion} not worth your time…

Click Bank

I know many people love Click Bank but to me, from my experience, it’s a lot of scammy stuff. I don’t know about their physical products but I have researched some of the digital stuff for my website and it’s just a lot of stuff that sends you in circles with constant up-sales. Once you buy something you can’t even get to the download page to access your product until you have went through 5 or 6 up-sale pages. I find this extremely obnoxious and I don’t want to promote that kind of product to my readers.

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The sellers on the platform only seem to want to get as much money as possible from their buyers and Providing real value and excellent products and services in on the back burner for most. That’s not my ‘cup of tea’ at all.

Warrior Plus

This forum is pretty much exactly like Click Bank. They have the same kind of products with endless up-sales and poor customer service. They are like the affiliate equivalent of an annoying Car Salesman who follows you around and won’t shut his hole.

I know many also love this platform but I want to provide my readers with affiliate networks that can really add value to their website and I don’t believe these platforms do that.

A last word on affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your site but make sure you don’t sell your soul. If you just promote anything and everything you will lose your readers trust.

Make sure that all the affiliate links you add to your site will add value to your readers lives and they will love you for it.

affiliate marketing If you’re ready to really step up your affiliate marketing game then you should take The ‘ Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing ‘ Course. It’s by Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents. She Makes $50,000 a month in affiliate sales and she knows what she’s teaching. She will teach you exactly how she accomplished this. I took the course and it was the best course I have taken for blogging so far. It’s worth every single penny.

Are there any other platforms you’ve tried and love? Let me know and I will add them onto the list!

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