We all want our babies to be as healthy as possible and Breast Milk is like liquid gold.

We want our milk to be full of nutrients that will deeply nourish our children so they can grow well and get everything they need from us.

Adding lactation recipes to an already healthy diet is a great way to boost milk production and keep you from becoming depleted as well.

Here are 7 recipes with ingredients that will help breastfeeding mums  produce more milk. They’re  fun to make and very nutritious yet they taste like a special treat so you’ll enjoy every bite { or sip }.

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Found On: gimmesomeoven

This healthy yet yummy protein smoothie will be a treat for your taste buds. It’s quick to make and can be a very nutritional breakfast. It’s main ingredients are bananas, carrots, and almond milk. Get the full recipe here.

Dandelion & Lemon Biscuits

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Dandelion has an abundance of nutrients and minerals. It grows in your back yard and all parts can be eaten. It supports lactation and can be very beneficial for breastfeeding moms. Give them a try, they’re quite tasty. I’m a long term breast-feeder with three little ones and this is one of my favorites.  Get the recipe here.

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Baked Brown Rice

Found On: realhousemoms

Brown rice is healthier and more beneficial for you than white rice. It has more fiber and other nutrients as well. It keeps you full and keeps your blood sugar level stable. It will take 1 hour to prepare but it’s worth it. Just make a double batch and eat some everyday to reap the benefits and get the milk flowing 😉  Get this recipe here.

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Milk Making Cookies

Found On: thebohomama.com

Every mama wants to try the traditional ‘lactation cookies’ and there are many cookies recipes to choose from.  These cookies are delicious and sugar is not the main ingredient. They’re filled with Wonderful milk making oats and they’re the best I have ever had. Find the recipe here  to make these delicious Morsels.

Mounds Candy Bars

Found On: thenourishinggourmet

Don’t these look amazing?? Looks like yummy fudge but it’s really a healthy treat to boost your production. You can share these with your family and it will create a rich, nourishing milk for your babe. The main ingredients are coconut, honey, and almond. Check out the recipe here.

The Best Soaked Granola (Gluten-Free Option)

Found On: thenourishinghome

If you love granola as much as I do then you’ll enjoy this recipe. It’s hardy and filling and great for your babe.  It’s 100 percent healthy, natural whole grain and high fiber food. Oats are one of the top foods for breastfeeding mums because they are high in iron. It’s exactly what you both need.  Check out the recipe here.

Hummus Recipe

Found On: simplyrecipes

Chickpeas and other beans are also some of the best food for breastfeeding mums.  This delicious hummus recipe is a great source of energy and it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to cook. You can find the recipe here.


I hope you enjoy these delicious, nourishing lactation recipes. They’re fun to eat and good for your little one. I always enjoyed making things like this knowing it was good for my baby. My babes were always healthy and fat and family joked that my milk was full of cream;) so they really do work.

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